Listen to radio interviews and watch our videos online right here Tips

Radio Interview - An short 15 minute radio interview on KARR in Kirkland (4 MB, mp3)  Kristy Laughter, Public Affairs Director of Family Stations interviews the President of Sharper Minds.  Quick paced, a good overview.

Radio Interview - A 20 minute radio interview on Consumer Connection on KPDQ-AM in Portland, Oreogn (9 MB, mp3)  An interview with the President and Program Director of Sharper Minds.

Informational video - Part 1: Doctors Meelhuysen and Belgau lead you through the wondrous discovery that common learning and behavioral disorders such as Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD) and dyslexia can be successfully addressed. Applying the fairly recent and startling discovery that the brain can develop new neurons and neural pathways, the Sharper Minds Method is a breakthrough program in dealing with these issues beyond what traditional special education or a medicative solution can offer. (9:17) Windows Media

Testimonial video - Part 2: Parents and students answer the most common questions that many others have about the program; an inside perspective. (~13 min.).Windows Media

TV commercial - phone number 1-888-50 MINDS used to go to an answering service.  To talk to someone at our main office, call 1-866-HELP-A.D.D. [1-866-435-7233] (30 seconds) Windows Media