For lasting improvements to be made in your child or adult family member, you have to be able to change how the brain operates.  This concept of brain change is called neuroplasticity.  

The human body has the remarkable ability to create new brain cells and have them migrate to the part of the brain where they are needed the most (see Articles Section).  Where they migrate to is dependent on a variety of factors.

Sharper Minds uses a multi-sensory, multi-modal method of changing the brain in a positive way.  We incorporate methodologies developed over the past 30+ years by researchers from a variety of fields.  These fields include:

The way these are blended together to provide a cost and time efficient way to enhancing mental performance is truly remarkable.  While change doesn't happen overnight, nerve growth with proper regular training WILL happen.  In fact, it can happen at any age, whether 7 or 70.  For more information, see