Fees & Services* (Rev. 2-8-2011)

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  • *Amounts are subject to change without notice. Prices, which are near historic lows, are likely to increase by $200 each near the end of February of 2011 due to the expiration of a discount from one of our vendors.  Fees shown are for HTS related services delivered by the primary Texas provider.  Services by contracted providers outside of Texas will likely be at different (higher) rates.  In-office and weekly program options have their own rates. Call for details.

Following is a Schedule of our services effective as of the date above and are subject to change without notice.  If you are in Texas, equipment purchase or rental is subject to sales or use tax (additional) and is paid up front.  Fees and programs can be customized for larger families and more severe cases of cognitive dysfunctions.  We currently accept Visa, MasterCard (credit and debit), checks, and cash for payment of services.  A discount is available if paying for the program fee in one lump sum by cashier's check.


The first step in getting help is accurately understanding the problem. During the evaluation, we screen or test for 30-35 different processing problems.  We seek to determine the cause as well as the processing challenges that an individual may be dealing with (details on the testing may be found elsewhere on this site). Regardless of cost, many people report that meeting with our very knowledgeable and experienced staff is one of the most enlightening encouraging experiences they have had.  Many parents report that they have not seen their student leave an appointment so excited, knowing that their struggles have an end.  We listen very carefully with understanding and knowledge to your side of the story, and what we share with the parents and student makes a lot of sense within their life's context and from brain science and research. It's not uncommon for a student to come in with some nervousness and leave feeling exhilarated and wanting to come back.

If you check with other agencies and offices that do neuro-psychological testing, you will find that our rates are very competitive compared to the $1400-$1500 that is typical of those that might bill insurance.  We do not bill insurance, but can provide you with a statement that you can submit to your insurance company or flex spending account, for reimbursement subject to your terms of coverage.

Typical time involvement (approximate)

Standard Evaluation for one person
  • ½ hour filling out the questionnaire (family)
  • ~3½ hours in office at the appointment (family and our staff)
Comprehensive Evaluation for one person
  • 1½ hours filling out the questionnaire (family)
  • 3½ to 4 hours in office at the appointment (family and our staff)
  • 2 hours report writing time (our staff)
Comprehensive Evaluation for two people
  • 3 hours filling out the questionnaire (family)
  • 5-6 hours in office at the appointment (family and our staff)
  • 4 hours report writing time (our staff)



First person testing fee

Scheduling fee (deducted from the appt. fees)

Additional person testing fee

Standard Evaluation by a Trainer/Therapist



(a $75 savings)

Comprehensive Evaluation by a Trainer/Therapist
with extensive written report 



(a $100 savings)

Physician (M.D.) Evaluation
with extensive written report 
 ages 4 and older




Special Evaluation for autistic spectrum disorders (ASDs)
 Call to discuss your situation


Scheduling fee: As for each evaluation appointment, a significant amount of time is set aside exclusively for your family, we require a non-refundable scheduling fee generally placed on a major credit card to hold an appointment slot.  This fee is credited against the evaluation fee at the time of the appointment.  This is to help reduce impulse scheduling, ensure attendance and avoid last minutes changes or cancellations.  We encourage you to make a quality, informed decision.

Program Amounts and Payment Plans

Mental Training & Cognitive Therapy Program:  The Sharper Minds program is a very effective therapy for enhancing mental performance and overcoming cognitive-related issues.  For best results, it is imperative that the family commit to and complete the entire program.  You can read more about the program throughout our web site.  We have several Program options and in some cases payment options available that depend on the outcome of the evaluation and the needs of each family.  These are better discussed at the close of the evaluation appointment, but range as in the table below.

Most families take between 9 to 14 months to complete the program.  If a family puts in more than the minimum of an hour a day of practice (i.e. putting in 1¼ to 1½ hours per day), results come faster and the program can be completed in the lesser amount of time.  Younger children may take longer than teens or adults.  Improvements are usually seen within 8-12 weeks, but may be sooner.



Program intended for...

Program Amount

+ shipping & handing + sales tax if appropriate

Fully Guided 
Home Training System

Includes the Standard Sharper Minds equipment, complete written and video (VHS & DVD) instructions. Includes two scheduled phone sessions (20-60 min. each) per month for up to 12 months for training, accountability, support and guidance.

Fee differences are whether the Auditory and/or Detox Modules are purchased.  Click for details

Ages 6 and up. Children and adults with dyslexia, learning challenges, ADD/ADHD, including auditory, visual or sensory-motor cortex issues), memory problems, etc., for the elderly, or those seeking to enhance athletic performance.  Program also improves fine motor skills and dysgraphia.


includes Auditory Module


includes Auditory & Detox Modules  

(while supplies last)
includes Premium Auditory Module & Detox Module  

Simple Detox Module

Detoxification program to reduce mercury, lead, heavy metals, and other toxic chemicals that might be contributing to slowness in brain development.

Autistic Spectrum Disorders including autism, Asperger’s, and True ADHD behaviors.  May be used by those fighting other diseases as well such as cancer.

$300 stand alone;
as an add-on or combo

per extra family member
$200 for adult fasting detox

Guided Home Training System

  • Includes purchase of Sharper Minds basic materials, equipment. The Auditory Module is a necessity if the child or adult has a listening problem.  An evaluation is not required.  (Shipping box is: ~36" x 16" x 5.5" and weighs between 22-25 lbs. depending on the options).  Instructional support includes written and video instructions (VHS & DVD), and twice-a-month one-on-one scheduled phone sessions for assigning exercises (personalized assignment sheets are e-mailed to the family), monitoring progress (filled out assignment sheets are returned by fax or document scan), accountability, and assisting with understanding of materials.  Click for details
Detox Module: 
  • The purchasers may also order the Simple Detox protocol to complement the main program if hyperactivity, impulsivity, seizures, tics are present, or an Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) such as Asperger's, True ADHD, or autism is suspected (not for Down's syndrome which is a chromosomal issue).  This will help quickly and safely remove most heavy metals and other toxins which may block or slow mental development.  An evaluation is not required for the stand alone option.

Important Notes:

(1) Scheduling Fees, Cancellations and No-Shows:  As for each evaluation appointment, a significant amount of time is set aside exclusively for your family, we require a non-refundable scheduling fee to reserve an appointment slot.  This would generally placed on a major credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American, Discover) or we can process a check by phone as well.  This fee is credited against the evaluation fee at the time of the appointment.   If the family no shows or cancels the appointment, the charge stands (time is non-refundable as well).  If a schedule change is made greater than 4 business days prior to the appointment, no refund is made; however the credit will be applied to the new time slot.  We encourage you to make a quality, informed decision and check with a spouse for support and availability before scheduling.

(2) For best results, families must commit to doing the program and make it a priority to complete it. Terminating participation prior to completing the program will result in less than the desired results.  It also may teach the children that if they put up enough fuss, they don't have do something that may be difficult (the common denominator of success is doing what others aren't willing to do).  The Program Fees are an indication of the family committing to the program.  Click here for more reasons why it is important to commit.  The payment plans indicated is available as an option to our clients.  There is no finance charge with the payment options shown if payments are made on time.  There are no loan application fees, origination fees or prepayment penalties. Grandparents often are willing to help some with the fees.  If you desire smaller monthly payments, you may wish to obtain financing from a credit union or other bank.

The fees shown cover up to 12 months of services.  The program can be completed within 12 months with reasonable effort and diligence for the typical struggling child or adult. More severe cases, or where inadequate practice time or efforts take place, the program will take longer.

(3) No Refunds


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