Benefits of Having the Sharper Minds do the Evaluation

At the end of the evaluation, and after receiving our test report, you will have a much better understanding of what your child is struggling with. 

Understanding is often the key to tolerance, treatment, healing and success.  For example, if you KNOW that a child cannot remember instructions, you’ll be less likely to get upset if he or she can’t remember the 3 to 4 instructions you just gave him or her.  You’re more likely to gently draw his or her attention to yourself, and just give him or her one instruction several times.  Benefits you’ll experience:

There is no obligation to use our services after the evaluation.  You are free to go wherever you choose for the best therapy for your family.  It is our staff’s goal to make sure that whether or not you continue to use our services, that the evaluation is a worthwhile and informative experience!  For more info on the benefits of the evaluation, click here and download the brochure/fliers on the benefits for children and one for adults.

Lastly, as many psychological tests easily run $1000 and upwards to $3000, our evaluation fees are very competitive and affordable.